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Massive Social, Viral, & Organic Traffic Secrets – Solutions

Attention: Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, business owners,website controllers,
bloggers & anyone trying to direct traffic to their website

Get Serious - Stop Messing Around!!

Discover How You Can Drive A Typhoon Of Targeted
Traffic To Your Website Using Video

You must use video ASAP.


Hi,.. Eldon Hamblin here,..

For 16 long years I've been involved with the internet and internet marketing. To say it has been a struggle most of the time is no small exaggeration. I' started back in 1995 when most everything was email and cheap one or two page websites. I dug in and learned the HTML code,.. what a pain! I read guru reports and downloaded every white paper and ebook I could get my hands on to learn how to market and get those elusive eyeballs onto my cheap websites, mostly with minimal success. Then along came Yahoo and then Google to turn things completely upside down for myself and thousand of other online marketers. We were thrown into a new scramble to learn Search Engine Secrets, Pay Per Click Bidding, and a hundred other mind bending and exhausting traffic voodoo tricks.

Now the landscape has change again. Over the last 18 months the internet has begun a rapid and almost universal Sea-Change to VIDEO. And THIS TIME, if you don't embrace the changes, you may never recover or keep your business, whether online or offline!


Why is video so crucial to your business survival?

       Think for a second,.. What have you experienced,.. what have you VIEWED your whole life?
       I'll guess,.. Sesame Street, MTV, collapse of the Twin Towers, the last Space Shuttle launch.
       Today, as I write this advertorial, FaceBook has just announced their own imbedded video chat system.

         Why would FaceBook want that?. . . . . . .

Idea Lightbulb


It's Stupid SIMPLE,..   

in one word, VISUAL.

people are creatures of habit, they love fuzzy familiar, they love super-easy,

and they LOVE anything VISUAL.


It's scientifically proven:

What people HEAR and SEE Together they remember Better...

and VIDEO is the one medium that they gravitate to first.

Heck, many university grads won't even read a book anymore.

So what chance has your website got

in holding interest or making a sale?

Without Video content it's just a matter of time,..

your doomed to fail,.


Want Success?

Want to crush the competition?

Then You MUST USE VIDEO to market.

Video Traffic Typhoon is your ace in the hole.

If you think video is hard, expensive, or down right difficult to understand and implement, think again. We make it dirt simple.

We give you the basics,.. then we DIG IN to provide you the SECRETS that will catapult your marketing and traffic to the top. Secrets many guru’s don't know.

First, in our Dual FREE Giveaway, you'll get Report-Alpha: The Basics Of Making Promotional Videos That Even Newbies Can Do Super Easy. PLUS our 42 page mini-book “Video Marketing Profits”


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the first
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If Supremacy in Online OR Offline Marketing is what You're looking to Achieve for Your Business, You'll quickly

come to value your membership in

Video Traffic Typhoon!!

Savvy marketers drive massive amounts of traffic

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Video Traffic Typhoon,

You Can Too!

Video, Social Video, and Video Gone Viral will put You

miles ahead of your competition.


Yes Eldon, I'm ready to change my traffic and marketing results. I'm accepting your offer to be a member of Video Traffic Typhoon!! Please give me access and the free Reports and video's listed above. I'm excited to learn how to use video in my marketing and experience a Typhoon of traffic for my business over the next few months and years as a member of Video Traffic Typhoon!!!


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